Taipei Salon活動側記-1/5 “Empowerment & Impact: My Social Enterprise Journey”


2024 年第一場台北沙龍,邀請到 20 多歲便在英國創立國際發展顧問公司「憫研顧問」(Humanity Research Consultancy)的講者江玉敏,來與大家聊聊現代奴役、人口販運的議題,以及她從工程背景轉往社會企業的心路歷程。

整場演講分成 5 個部分,從 7 年多的準備、遇到的挑戰、現代奴役議題介紹、「憫研顧問」的影響,再到給想要走社會企業這條路的夥伴一些建議。整場演講內容十分豐富精彩,隨著玉敏的分享,大家也跟著她一起認識議題,發現奴役問題並沒有想像中的遙遠,台灣的漁船奴役問題就在我們身邊,也了解「憫研顧問」在這之中如何敦促政府重視議題,並實際做出改變。




“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.That’s how I defined impact.”

In 2024, we are delighted to welcome Mina Chiang as our first speaker for Taipei Salon. Mina founded the international development consultancy, “Humanity Research Consultancy,” in the UK in her twenties. During her talk, Mina addressed the issue of modern slavery, human trafficking, and shared her personal journey from an engineering background to social entrepreneurship.

The speech was divided into 5 parts, covering over 7 years of preparation, encountered challenges, an introduction to modern slavery issues, the impact of “Humanity Research Consultancy,” and advice for those interested in pursuing the path of social entrepreneurship. Following Mina’s insights, we discovered that contrary to expectations, these issues were not distant, as Taiwan still faces the problem of fishing boat slavery. Towards the end, Mina explained how “Humanity Research Consultancy” worked and urged the government to address the problem and implement tangible changes.

Lively discussions sparked, with the audience expressing thoughts and questions about modern slavery. There was a keen interest in Mina’s thoughts on her journey. Mina emphasized the importance of “self-awareness” and leveraging one’s strengths to create unique impacts.

Continuing this idea, Mina responded to questions about contributing to the modern slavery issue. She mentioned that those understand Chinese can pay attention to reports in the Chinese language world and be mindful of companies involved in illegal slavery controversies when making purchasing decisions.

Finally, a huge thank you to our two speakers, guests, and all our online friends for their participation! Curious about Mina’s journey and the issue of modern slavery? The Taipei Salon’s livestream is saved on our fan page, inviting everyone to enjoy the exciting content of the lecture and share it with all your friends! Stay tuned for the next Taipei Salon – we can’t wait to see you there!