Chuchun Yu

Born in Taiwan and raised in Panama, Chuchun received her graduate degree from the University of Dublin in Ireland. In 2007, Chuchun crossed paths with the Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation. Driven by her aspirations, Chuchun returned to Taiwan from Panama. Her son, Little Mao, and her work are the centerpieces of her life.

Senior Project Leader

Lucy Liu

Lucy earned her BA in Humanities and Social Sciences from National Tsing Hua University and her graduate degree from the University of Sussex. She is a Coca-Cola aficionado and a caffeine addict. On the side, she enjoys traveling and attending live concerts, both of which provide a welcome escape from stress.

Senior Project Leader

Chunchi Shen

Chunchi graduated from Tamkang University with a BA in Chinese Literature. He loves cats more than humans, and he needs coffee to start his day. During his leisure time, he enjoys watching movies, binge-watching shows, and occasionally going for a jog to ponder about life.

Senior Project Leader

Yating Chuang

Yating received her BA in Philosophy from Soochow University. She has a curious and inquisitive mind. To Yating, Taitung is her second hometown, while Seoul feels like a familiar backyard. Her interests include coffee, crafting, and home decorating.

Project Leader

Sherry Lin

Sherry obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from National Taiwan University. She joined the Foundation in 2022. For Sherry, traveling is a necessity, and time alone is the most essential element in life. She finds joy in using words and images to capture moments in life. Challenges serve as the drive that propels her forward.

International Exchange Consultant

Tiffany Jan

Tiffany received her MA in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. Prior to this, her background was in Anthropology and International Development Studies. She started her journey with the Foundation as a recipient of Peace Boat Global University Scholarship in 2017, and has since continued the role of promoting further international exchanges and collaborations.