The Remaking of Asia: What does the Shift of Power from the West to the East Portend?

At the end of 19th century, the East was regarded as a collection of ruined countries by Western colonial powers. But a new era began with Japan’s unexpected triumph in the Russo-Japanese War.

Recently, the spotlight has been on other Asian countries, as China and India follow Japan as rising powers. These Asian countries are not necessarily aspiring to be the “next” United States. Rather, they are determined to make their mark in the global arena without succumbing to powerful Western influences.

The rise of Asian powers calls into question the notion that development and modernization are equated with Westernization. Does steadfastly holding on to the beliefs from the intellectuals in the East serve as a catalyst for their rising? What cultural factors contribute to their rise to power? How do they protect their cultures despite the pervasiveness of Western influence? Where will this path take rising Asian powers in the future?

  • Speaker: Pankaj Mishra

    Novelist; A Regular contributor to the New York Times

  • Moderator: Jui-sung Yang

    Associate Professor, Department of History, National Chengchi University