Small, Yet Visionary —How Did Denmark Achieve This?

Denmark, a maverick in Europe, does not always follow the leads of its European neighbors.

In 1992, Denmark rejected the Maastricht Treaty in a referendum. In 1993, it opted out of the European Union’s defense policy. In 2000, the country voted against joining the Eurozone.

As the smallest state among the Nordic countries, Denmark is not only the home country of Hans Christian Andersen but also one of the world’s foremost hubs for quantum research. Frequently topping world rankings, it is considered “the most uncorrupted,” with “the smallest disparity between the rich and the poor,” and consistently ranks as “the happiest.” As a “small country” situated in “a distant corner of the world,” how has Denmark harnessed its influence among larger nations?

  • Speaker

    Flemming Aggergaard, Director, the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei

  • Moderator

    Yen Chen-shen, Professor, College of International Affairs, National Chengchi University