Singapore’s Precautionary Measures in High-tech

An Uncommon Dialogue Series–

What would happen in the event of a global famine? What if a neighboring country were to restrict your access to water resources? Or if a major power were to show signs of preparing for war at your borders? Would you be adequately prepared in advance? Many countries are busy grappling with crises right in front of them, making it challenging to look too far ahead. However, Singapore has mastered the art of meticulous planning and timely arrangements.

Facing scarcity in water, power, and food resources, coupled with looming threats of conflicts, how has Singapore leveraged high-tech solutions for preparation? What has cultivated this keen awareness of potential threats? How far along are they in implementing these measures?

  • Dialogue Participants

    Lee Huay Leng, Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Media Group, SPH Media Group


    Paul Lee, Chairperson, MOMOTV

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