Artificial Intelligence: Does AI Need Humanistic Qualities?

An Uncommon Dialogue Series–

Li Fei-Fei is a pioneering expert in the field of artificial intelligence, whose research and contributions have significantly advanced AI technology. She is the first Sequoia Professor at Stanford University, and an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Medicine. She has also held roles such as Chief Scientist at Google Cloud and independent director at Twitter.

OpenAI has just astounded the world with ChatGPT, opening a Pandora’s box that compels us to contemplate the future of humanity. We truly look forward to Li Fei-Fei’s insights as a leading scientist.

  • Dialogue Participants

    Li Fei-Fei - Sequoia Professor, Computer Science Department, Stanford University; Former Chief Scientist of AI/ML and Vice President, Google Cloud


    Lung Yingtai - Writer; First Minister of Culture of the Republic of China

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