Humans and the Environment: As Resources Deplete, What Choices Should We Make?

The Jurassic makes one think of dinosaur fossils. However, scientists claim that we have entered a new geological period in 2000, i.e., the Anthropocene. The new epoch is marked with hundreds of million tons of plastics, steel, and concrete. Environmental changes that take place in the Anthropocene are 1,000 times greater than that of the previous epochs: forests are cleared, mountain tops are removed, drastic changes are found in ocean ecosystems because of global warming, and even the Earth’s atmosphere can be destroyed. This is what the Earth is like under our stewardship. What can young people do?
About the Documentary
Anthropocene/Directed by: Steve Bradshaw
The Earth has entered a new geological epoch—the Anthropocene. The Earth’s environment and ecosystems have drastically changed. Will the Anthropocene bring us happiness or terror?