Looking at the Second Sino-Japanese War Seventy Years Later—An Economist’s Private Research

Seventy years after the Second Sino-Japanese War, our recollection of it is fragmented and vague. The Marco Polo Bridge Incident started as a relatively minor clash in the area. How did it become the trigger of the Second Sino-Japanese War? Fighting against Japanese invasion, what role did the Republic of China Air Force play? Did you know that many overseas Chinese joined the Air Force, and that numerous Soviet pilots sacrificed their lives under the Chinese sky?
Let us look back and reflect on the history.
About the Documentary
The Rocking Sky
Directed by: Chang Chaowei
For this group of people, every goodbye could be the last goodbye. However, they went forward with no hesitation, and were willing to die for their country. Why were they ready to let go of everything when their lives were just about to begin?