Can Economic Transformation Rejuvenate a Country? Unveiling the Story Behind Vietnam’s Miracle Growth

In 1986, ahead of other communist states, Vietnam began its economic reform and opened its door to the world. Rapid economic growth followed. From not having enough rice for its own people, it soon grew into the second largest rice-producing country in the world. In Asia, Vietnam’s growth ranked only second to China. The United Nations even regarded it as an exemplar of human development. However, did the economic surge bring Vietnam out of judicial, educational, and medical “poverty”?

About the Documentary

Vietnam: The next generation
Directed by: Sandy Northrop
Witnessing the communist state’s economic reform, Vietnam’s first postwar generation is now the backbone of the country. Some of its members contributed to the country’s economic rise, while some became victims exploited by market forces. Are this history-making new generation happy with the reform?