Is the Philippines Seeing the Dawn of Transformation?

Seventy years after its independence, the Philippines still suffers from corruption, and the conflicts between political clans never stopped. Hence, Filipinos say that the three Gs of Philippine Politics (guns, gold, and goons) are the one and only way to win elections. Born in a political family, Benigno Aquino III, the current president of the country, is facilitating reforms to eliminate corruption and monopolies. However, amid the intensifying tensions between the United States and China, domestic Muslim militia’s revolts, and the extreme economic inequality, is there a chance for change for the Philippines?

About the Documentary
Ballots and Bullets
Directed by: Jason Bray
In 2007, a group of election observers made up of members of different nationalities went to Mindanao, the Philippines, one of the most dangerous places on earth, to observe the country’s general election. Corruption, fraud, and assassinations appalled them. Three years later, they returned to the same place. As election neared, various phenomena and challenges arose. How did the Filipinos see these issues? What happens when democracy collides with anarchy?