“BRIC” in a Kiln—The Challenge Facing Indonesia

With a population of 240 million, several thousand islands, and more than 300 native languages, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and the world’s largest Muslim country. It is acknowledged as a model for ethnic and religious tolerance. Going through colonization, independence, and dictatorship, Indonesia has found its way for Islam and democracy to coexist. When ethnic conflicts arise, clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims emerge, how should the head of state handle them? Will the fifth BRIC nation survive the test of fire?

About the Documentary

Positions Among the Stars
Directed by: Leonard Retel Helmrich
Rumidjah, a devoted Christian, returns to her Muslim family in the slums of Jakarta to help her son earn her granddaughter’s college tuition. This typical Jakarta family realistically portrays the issues of religious conflicts, generation gap, and economic inequality in Indonesia. They strive for survival, as if their struggle is reflecting Indonesia’s destiny.