Russian-style Democracy, Russia’s New Generation

The Soviet Union collapsed, and Putin came into power. The “Putin Generation” grew up enjoying freedom and are deeply influenced by Western culture. The members of this generation hold different values from previous generations, and they envision a different society. Some of them devote themselves to judicial reform, some organize street protests, and some even embrace Nazi ideology. Is it possible for this generation of young Russians, who have not experienced communism and the Cold War, to overturn the political structure that has existed since Czarist Russia?

About the Documentary

Putin’s Kiss
Directed by: Lise Birk Pedersen

Nashi, meaning “ours,” is a nationalistic Russian youth organization established under the support of the Putin administration. The group’s mission is to build a powerful Russia. 19-year-old Masha Drokova is one of the spokespersons for Nashi, and a true believer of the organization’s philosophy—until she becomes friends with Oleg Kashin, an anti-Putin blogger. When Kashin gets brutally attacked, Masha has to choose whether she will stand for or against Putin.