The Last Iron Curtain—What Will North Korea’s Future Hold?

In other parts of the world, access to information allows people to break through the political firewall. As tourism gradually opens, and the smuggling of cellphones and discs remains unstoppable, will North Korea, a country that has always been behind the Iron Curtain, tear down its firewall? The sudden death of Kim Jong-Il left the nation in outpouring grief. What is the underlying psychological structure of this society? Will jasmine sprout through the crack on the wall?

About the Documentary

Kim Jong-Il: The Forbidden Biography
 At the age of seven, Kim Jong-Il’s mother died in childbirth. Growing up under the influence of Juche, the ideology that his father created, Kim gradually became the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, and an unpredictable threat to the West. In 2000, with the ambition to go down in history, Kim met with the South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, turning a new page for the peninsula 55 years after the division. Facing his aging body, he pondered the question of how to keep the Kim Regime in power.