Tunisia’s Quest

Although Tunisia’s economy took off, and it became a partner of the Global Coalition, problems such as high unemployment, economic inequality, and the corruption of the Ben Ali regime remained. A Tunisian young man set himself on fire and triggered the Jasmine Revolution that swept across Africa and the Middle East; Tunisians began to seek democracy. However, after the protesters left, a new government formed, a new constitution adopted, and a new president took office, people were watching closely: now that they could freely express their political views, what would be the next step for democracy? 

About the Documentary

No More Fear
first “real revolution” in the digital age, which was made possible by the Internet, swept through Tunisia. Dictator Ben Ali was forced into exile. Regarded as one of the few prosperous and stable countries in North Africa, why would Tunisia choose to revolt? How did Tunisians see the overthrow of the dictatorship? Let’s hear what the human rights lawyer, the blogger, and other ordinary Tunisians have to say.