May 27, 2011

What Is This Disease? From the Manchurian Plague to the SARS Epidemic in Hong Kong

The Manchurian Plague broke out across northeastern China between 1910 and 1911 and claimed 60,000 lives. The Qing government held the “International Plague Conference” in Mukden, which brought together scientists from 11 countries. This was the first event of its kind, and the first international scientific conference in China’s history. In 2003, SARS broke out in Guangdong, China, causing global panic. Hong Kong stood on the frontline to fight the outbreak. One hundred years have passed since the Manchurian Plague. How many milestones of civilization have been achieved? 

About the Documentary
The Plague Fighter Dr. Wu Lien-Teh
Directed by: Wang Lifeng
The Manchurian Plague broke out in northeastern China in 1910. Wu Lien-Teh, a 31-year-old physician, led a group of epidemic prevention workers to fight the disease. They strengthened railway quarantines, enforced traffic control, isolated the outbreak-stricken areas, cremated plague victims, built designated hospitals, and successfully put a stop to the outbreak. In 1911, Wu held the International Plague Conference in Mukden (present-day Shenyang).