What We Might Not Have Thought of During Armed Revolts—The Mexican Revolution and the Cultural Identity Formed

The regime of President Porfirio Diaz lasted for more than 30 years. People’s resentment toward the government kept accumulating, and finally led to the revolution in 1910. During the seven years of revolt, one million people exiled to the United States, and two million died. Meanwhile, public education system, land reform, and labor movement began to take place. Most importantly, there was a fundamental change in Mexican cultural identity—people started to value the indigenous traditions in an unprecedented way. The country’s national identity was formed amid the turmoil.

About the Documentary

The Storm That Swept Mexico
Directed by: Ray Telles
The Mexican Revolution that broke out in 1910 drastically changed the country’s political, economic, and social structures. It also influenced art, culture, and education.