The “Throat and Tongue” of the Communist Party, or a Public Instrument? A Look at the Changing Landscape of Chinese State Media From Southern Weekly

Is the media the government’s megaphone, or the mouthpiece for the people? Since the Reform and Opening-up, Chinese media have been facing the impact of marketization, people’s demands for truth, and media workers’ growing sense of professionalism under existing political restrictions. In the midst of adversity, how do the media break through the walls? How do media workers hold on to their professional values?

About the Documentary
Throat and Tongue
Directed by: Guo Xizhi
The director faithfully records the lives of the staff of Spot News, Shenzhen News Station’s news program. At the news station, these “throats and tongues” hold meetings, write news scripts, and strive to increase ratings. Once they are off from work, these “throats and tongues” take to the street and express their opinions and beliefs.