Opposition Online: Starting With the Grass Mud Horse

China is transforming right before our eyes at an astounding speed. In the process, orders are reestablished, values are rebuilt, and the rules of the game are rewritten. Facing the changes, communication becomes China’s biggest challenge in the 21st Century. Between the old and the new classes, between the government and the people, between the law and human rights, between media and society—how will China find a new language to communicate with the people, and take the lead in this unprecedented game?

About the Documentary

In the event, an edited footage will be shown to the audience.
In early 2009, the Chinese government launched a special campaign to eradicate the Internet’s “vulgar” content, including movie, music, and games that young people love. Meanwhile, the Song of the Grass Mud Horse, an arrangement of a children’s song, had swept through the Internet. The “Grass Mud Horse (caonima, literally ‘fuck your mother’) Culture” became young people’s way of protesting online.