The Hidden “Black Gold” in Your Coffee

In the era of globalization, drinking coffee has become a part of many people’s lifestyle. Coffee chains created remarkable economic benefits. A cup of coffee is layered with commercial values, but coffee farmers get less than 15% of the retail price. Is this gap in earnings between coffee chains and farmers fair? How do Ethiopian farmers make a living in the globalization era? Does globalization bring them benefits? Globalization created winners and losers. Can we make losers winners too?

About the Documentary

Black Gold
The global coffee market is valued at NT$2.6 trillion (approx. US$94 billion) per year. However, coffee farmers in Africa only get NT$16 (approx. US$0.58) per day. A cup of latte from a coffee chain will cost them seven days’ wages. The international coffee exchanges do not have a system to protect the farmers. How do the 74,000 Ethiopian farmers survive?