Poor, Lowly, and Struggling Young Days—Taiwan’s Urban and Rural Development

Since when has the term “native land” become a powerful political expression? What did this “native land” first look like? What had happened to this “native land” before and after the Taiwan Economic Miracle? The delightful lives of ordinary Taiwanese people portrayed in the movie Cape No. 7 are depicted very differently in the renowned author Huang Chun-ming’s realistic yet compassionate writing. From The Sandwich Man to Cape No. 7, urban and rural Taiwan have wobbled through a long, winding road. 


About the Film

The Sandwich Man
Directed by: Hou Hsio-hsien, Tseng Chuang-hsiang, Wan Jen

The Sandwich Man is a movie that consists of three short stories, all of which are adapted from Huang Chun-ming’s short stories. The movie portrays the lives of ordinary Taiwanese people in the 1950s and 1960s, and the impacts and challenges they face as Taiwan transforms from an agricultural society to an industrial and commercial one. When the film was first released, some accused it of damaging Taiwan’s international image, and secretly reported it to the authority. The government intervened, but with public support, scenes remained uncut. The creative concept was therefore kept intact. The movie is regarded as a significant milestone for Taiwan New Cinema.