March 20, 2009

Youth, Dreams, and the Years Gone By—The Outside the Window Phenomenon

In the 1970s, Chiung Yao’s romance novels and movies adapted from her works were all the rage in Taiwan; they shaped an entire generation’s idea of love. What kind of historical and cultural context made this “otherworldly,” artistic kind of love prevail, and further made Brigitte Lin, Joan Lin, Charlie Chin, and Chin Han, dubbed the “Two Lins and Two Chins,” dominate the Taiwanese box office? Brigitte Lin, who played the female lead in the movie Outside the Window, was only a 19-year-old high schooler back then. Thirty-six years have passed. Older and wiser now, she looks back at her younger self and Taiwan at the time.

About the Film

Outside the Window
Directed by: Sung Tsun-shou
Jian Yanrong, a high school girl who grew up without parental affection, broke the social norm and fell in love with her teacher. Torn between love, family, and social expectation, what choice should she make? Outside the Window marked Brigitte Lin’s debut as an actress. She began her acting career with the role of a beautiful, sweet high school student, and she brought Taiwanese romance films to their peak. However, because of copyright issues, the film was not screened in Taiwan for the last 35 years.