What You Do Not Know About Venezuela

In 2005, many countries in Latin America turned toward left-wing governments, and together established the “Socialism of the 21st Century.” With his strong personality, Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, presented himself as a fiery anti-U.S. leader, and attempted to expand his autocratic regime. In 2007, he initiated a constitutional referendum. However, the proposed changes were rejected by Venezuelan voters, which ended his dream of removing term limits. Will the Bolivarian Revolution led by Chávez continue to push forward the socialist trend and determine the outcome of democratization in Latin America?

About the Documentary
Chavez: Inside the Coup
While shooting a documentary for Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, the Irish filmmakers unintentionally discovered the coup against Chávez, which was taking place in April 2002. Using a carrot and stick approach, Chávez made use of the media to advertise his political ideology, but oppressed opposition media. This film discloses how the media is manipulated by political forces.