What You Do Not Know About Pakistan

Since its independence in 1956, Pakistan has fought numerous wars with India, and has conducted six underground nuclear tests. Tensions between the two countries keep mounting. In the 2007 Pakistani presidential election, Benazir Bhutto, the opposition party’s leader, and the former prime minister in exile, returned to Pakistan to compete in the election. However, Bhutto was assassinated; the country fell into turmoil. An ally of the West, and a country with nuclear weapons, Pakistan’s democratic development is something that the world cannot ignore.

About the Documentary
Dinner With the President
How does a military-ruled country implement a democratic system? In 1999, Pervez Musharraf staged a military coup d’état, and became Pakistan’s President and the top military commander. Pakistan turned into an authoritarian state, but surprisingly, its parliament was still operating. In the film, the director interviews President Musharraf, tribal elders, village women, teenagers, and religious leaders about their views on democracy.