What You Do Not Know About Ireland

Going through half a century of political and religious conflicts, Ireland signed the Belfast Agreement with the United Kingdom and the Ireland Republic Army (IRA) in 1998, turning a new page in the country’s history. However, the IRA broke ceasefire, which gave rise to a new wave of crisis. How did Ireland waddle through the road to independence in the 1920s? How did it transform itself from a small and poor state to an advanced country?

About the Film
The Wind That Shakes the Barley 
Ireland fights for independence from British rule in 1920, and an intense guerrilla warfare breaks out. Two Irish brothers, driven by patriotism and a sense of responsibility, join the Irish Republican Army. They strategically make the British forces sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty, an agreement that concludes the Irish War of Independence. The Second World War breaks out, and one merciless war follows another. The brothers are forced to face a tragedy caused by having different political stances. The film shows how the British forces brutally oppress Ireland, opening old wounds between the two countries.