What You Do Not Know About Sudan’s Darfur State

Scarcity of resources caused by long-term drought, desertification, and overpopulation became the root of armed conflicts between the Arab and African tribes in Sudan. In 2003, the government-backed Arab militia forces carried out genocide against ethnic Darfuri people. Four hundred thousand people died, while two and a half million lost their home. A government that incites ethnic conflicts to secure its power, an indifferent international community, and a resource-scarce environment—is there a way to solve the Darfur tragedy?

About the Documentary
The Devil Came on Horseback
A former Marine Captain travels to Darfur, Sudan for six months, and witnesses how the Arab militia forces conduct ethnic cleansing, and how the international community remains unconcerned and neglects the disaster. Bringing with him numerous photos and voice recordings, he comes back to the United States to disclose the truth.