What You Do Not Know About Malaya

Almost half a century has passed since Malaysia gained independence. How should people evaluate the Communist Party of Malaya’s historical role? Were the members ethnic Chinese terrorists, or patriots who fought for national independence? Did the fight against colonial rule, which was led by Malayan Communist Party, accelerate Malaysia’s progress toward independence? Without the Malayan Communist Party, would the United Malays National Organization be able to win independence? Let us uncover the buried history. 

About the Documentary

The Last Communist

From the end of the 1940s to 1950s, Chin Peng, an anti-colonialist figure who used to fight against British rule, led the Malayan Communist Party’s guerrilla force to fight alongside the British against Japanese invasion. After Japanese forces retreated, Chin became the target of the British colonial government. Not willing to yield, Chin led the guerrilla force into the jungles and continued to fight. The armed conflict lasted for 40 years. Renowned Malaysian independent filmmaker Amir Muhammad interviewed Chin Peng and various former members of the Malayan Communist Party in the documentary. Even though Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board passed its release, the film was banned by Malaysia’s Ministry of Home Affairs.