What You Do Not Know About Chechnya

Russia spent 60 years to acquire Chechnya. In 1944, Joseph Stalin deported 400,000 Chechens to Central Asia and Siberia, claiming that they were supporters of Nazi Germany. Among them, 15,000 were shot dead, 30,000 were forced to engage in penal labor, 50,000 were coerced into undergoing re-education through labor, and 100,000 were tortured to death. More than 50% of the Chechen population was killed. What is the cause of the Chechen issue? What is really behind Putin’s anti-terrorist operation?

About the Documentary
Coca—The Dove From Chechnya
President Vladimir Putin’s so-called “Anti-terrorist Operation” against Chechnya is in fact a genocide. In just a dozen years, approximately 30% of the Chechen population have been killed. A group of Chechen women have been collecting videotapes, documenting Russia’s crimes. They will bring the tapes to Western Europe to serve as evidence, hoping that the European Court of Justice will recognize the injustice.