Contemplating on “Hong Kong’s 10th Anniversary of Handover to China”

Yau Lop Poon, Editor-in-Chief of the newsweekly Yazhou Zhoukan, explores Hong Kong’s 150 years of colonial rule and 10 years of return to China. How does Hong Kong maintain an interdependent yet competitive relation with China? How should China respond to Hongkongers’ solidifying identity? Does Taiwan have what it takes to compete with Hong Kong for the status of “Asia’s leading financial hub”? 

About the Documentary

Journey to Beijing
A group of 200 Hongkongers participate in Sowers Action, a charity-walk from Hong Kong to Beijing, to fundraise for development projects in China’s poverty-stricken areas. When they arrive in Beijing, there are only 19 days left before the Hong Kong handover. The film is composed of the sowers’ journey, Hongkongers’ different attitudes toward the return, the cultural differences between Hong Kong and China, and reflections from people of different social classes on the return. The depth of the stories far exceeds other documentary films that discuss Hong Kong’s return. Tony Rayns, renowned British critic, praises Evans Chan, the director, for accurately capturing Hongkongers’ complicated feelings as they face the new milestone.